Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seeing PINK!

if you have not heard yet, we are having a little girl! I went to the doctor on Monday for a blood pressure check and my doctor was able to sneak me in for an ultrasound! Nick was in Lake Tahoe for work, but I couldn't resist Dr. Shah's offer to find out right then and there! The ultrasound techs found it right away - "it's a girl!" I asked if they were 100% sure and they said they are never sure until birth! They did say that girl parts will look like 3 lines and boy parts will look like a turtle head ... there were 3 distinct white lines so they did not even hesitate! Nick and I both secretly (OK, not so secretly!) wanted a girl so we are over the moon! I seriously smiled for hours - I couldn't stop! I don't have a good relationship with our scanner but I will get the ultrasound pictures up tomorrow along with a 22 week bump picture!

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