Friday, June 28, 2013

It's a....

GIRL!  The Johnson house is still celebrating the news that we are going to have another little girl in November!!  Avery can't possibly get anymore girly than she already is, so we knew she would adore having another girl in the house!  Neither Nick or I have a sister, so it's going to be so awesome watching the bond between Avery and the babe grow as it's something that neither of us were able to experience in our own lives.  So bring on more pink, ruffles & princesses ... we are more than ready for you baby girl!!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6 months!

Look what ABC Family brought to my attention tonight on Facebook - 6 months until Christmas! Am I the only person who is excited to see this?! 6 months until holiday movies (3 a day, why not?!), Christmas tree decorating, shopping, wrapping, more shopping, more wrapping (with a theme in mind of course), caroling, fireplace fires, family, and for the Johnson's, a snuggly newborn under the tree!  My favorite time of the year - and it is going to be extra special this year! Makes me wanna pop in Christmas Vacation... 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gift Wrap Tip

Wanna make the Bride smile?  Wrap her shower present in the same colors/theme as her wedding!  My friend Roseann is having a "black and white gingham, upscale garden picnic wedding" (can.not.wait. to see how pretty it is going to be - the girl has great taste!) so it was super fun (not to mention easy!) to match her shower gift to her wedding invite.  Kraft paper + gingham ribbon + silver initial Christmas ornament = a pretty good replica of her adorable wedding invite!  I love wedding season!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bump Watch: 18 Weeks

18 weeks!  Which means only 9 more days until we find out if this little babe is a boy or girl ... not that we are counting!! :)  Feeling really good - 5 lb weight gain so far.  I'm not having any 'weird' cravings, but definitely have a 'food of the week'.  The past few weeks I've been on a lemonade kick.  Last week was Little Debbie Brownies & this week it's applesauce and raspberries.  Looks like I am now craving sweets over salt/sour! Also notice how crazy high I'm carrying - and my placenta is low ... makes total sense doesn't it?!
And this week starts my baby 1 & 2 bump comparisons ... looks pretty similar to me ... carried high both times, just a little bit bigger this time around!
AVERY - 18 WEEKS                                                  BABY #2 - 18 WEEKS

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of my favorite dads out there!
Nick got the most random gift from us this year, but hey! that's what gift baskets are for right?!

Wald Imports Metal Golf Bucket
Topeak Joe Blow Max HP Bicycle Floor Pump
Nick Lachey: A Father's Lullaby CD
Arthur George DILF Socks (and of course I needed a pair of MILF socks to match!)
Golf Balls (Titlest NXT are his favorites)
White Yogurt Pretzels (his favorite snack on the planet!)

Only my husband would not be the least surprised that two of his gifts were from Nick Lachey & Rob Kardashian :)  In my defense, he actually loves the socks and said they are the most comfortable ones he owns ... thanks Rob! ;)

We spent the afternoon outside lounging by the kiddie pool watching Daddy mow the lawn, but had to pull out all of the stops to make breakfast for Daddy and Grandma/Papa.  We went with "Dads' Diner" and had everyone places their orders when they arrived (Avery's only job was to wear her apron and say "Can I take your order?" - She did follow through on one of those things!)  Everyone got a kick out of it and I was told the food tasted pretty good too!  Disclaimer: I know the menu says 'Juice Milk' .... I finished those late Saturday night and when I was tabbing over Orange Juice - it seems like I only took 1 word with me ... oops!
 Finished the night in the neighbor's pool ... what a perfect day! <3 br="">

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Engagement Wishes!

 Such an exciting weekend!  My brother got engaged!  I've known this was coming for a few weeks now, so when they were home for Memorial Day I sent an engagement gift back with them (disguised as a birthday present that my friend in Iowa was going to pick up!)  I've seen plenty of cute engagement gift baskets on Pinterest, so here is my little spin on it!

Box - $5 - Old Time Pottery
Champagne - $8 - Target
Kisses & Ring Pop - $4 - Target
Magazine - $6.95 - Barnes & Noble
DVD - $9 -
Ring Bowl - $1.50 - Pier 1 (this is actually a ramekin for cooking, but I bought one years ago for my rings and it does the trick!)
Glitter letters of course are courtesy of my Cricut & glitter card stock (do I ever use anything else?!)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Indy 500

Better late than never - here are some highlights from Indy 500 2013!  It was the coldest Indy we have ever been to, it was my first sober Indy ever, but seriously the most exciting race we have ever been to!  They blew the record for most lead changes out of the water (DOUBLED it in fact!) and probably the biggest fan favorite of the series, Tony Kanaan finally won his first 500! 

 Have you ever wondered what the titleholders of the people who hate parades more than anyone else on the planet look like?  You're welcome.
 Nick & I -- what a forced fake smile from that guy! :)
 My brother Shane & his girlfriend Cat - who happens to love parades like I do! :)
 Indy 500 parade in downtown Indy!
 Of course, I came for the celebrities :)  Shawn Johnson
 Tate Stevens - love him!
 Mario Andretti
 Dario Franchitti
 Arriving at the track - chaos much?! :)
Family photo ... how was this our first one ever?!  Oh wait, because Shane LOVES taking pictures!
 Vintage Danica Patrick gear .... circa early 90's! :)
 Our seats on Turn 4!
Always a great fly over
Green Flag!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bump Watch: 16 Weeks

Here you go guys!  The babe is a growin'!  I'm starting to look a teeny bit more pregnant vs. a girl who has had one too many Krispy Cremes so it's nice to know I am outgrowing the 'awkward phase'!!