Sunday, June 9, 2013

Indy 500

Better late than never - here are some highlights from Indy 500 2013!  It was the coldest Indy we have ever been to, it was my first sober Indy ever, but seriously the most exciting race we have ever been to!  They blew the record for most lead changes out of the water (DOUBLED it in fact!) and probably the biggest fan favorite of the series, Tony Kanaan finally won his first 500! 

 Have you ever wondered what the titleholders of the people who hate parades more than anyone else on the planet look like?  You're welcome.
 Nick & I -- what a forced fake smile from that guy! :)
 My brother Shane & his girlfriend Cat - who happens to love parades like I do! :)
 Indy 500 parade in downtown Indy!
 Of course, I came for the celebrities :)  Shawn Johnson
 Tate Stevens - love him!
 Mario Andretti
 Dario Franchitti
 Arriving at the track - chaos much?! :)
Family photo ... how was this our first one ever?!  Oh wait, because Shane LOVES taking pictures!
 Vintage Danica Patrick gear .... circa early 90's! :)
 Our seats on Turn 4!
Always a great fly over
Green Flag!!

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