Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bump Watch: 18 Weeks

18 weeks!  Which means only 9 more days until we find out if this little babe is a boy or girl ... not that we are counting!! :)  Feeling really good - 5 lb weight gain so far.  I'm not having any 'weird' cravings, but definitely have a 'food of the week'.  The past few weeks I've been on a lemonade kick.  Last week was Little Debbie Brownies & this week it's applesauce and raspberries.  Looks like I am now craving sweets over salt/sour! Also notice how crazy high I'm carrying - and my placenta is low ... makes total sense doesn't it?!
And this week starts my baby 1 & 2 bump comparisons ... looks pretty similar to me ... carried high both times, just a little bit bigger this time around!
AVERY - 18 WEEKS                                                  BABY #2 - 18 WEEKS

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