Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Carving!

This year our pumpkin carving night was very simple ... Mommy gutted 3 pumpkins, Daddy carved 3 pumpkins ... and Avery supervised as she refused to get her hands dirty!  The neatest and cleanest 2 year old you will ever meet!  Here are our creations!

And just for fun ... 2 more weeks until we get to hold our next pumpkin!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bump Photos - updated!

So I'm not the biggest fan of paying hundreds of dollars for bare belly photos, but there were a few mother-daughter belly shots I stumbled upon on Pinterest that I couldn't help but try!  My multi talented husband is pretty good with the camera so we experimented this morning and I have to say - I love how they turned out!  So excited for Avery to be a part of this experience and actually understand what is going on! **Pictures taken at 37 weeks!**


UPDATE:  I forgot to include the black and white ones! 


Friday, October 25, 2013

Bump Watch: 36 (1/2) Weeks

Alright alright alright - We are officially 20 days away and counting!!!  Mommy is becoming very uncomfortable (lots of pains down below, usually the worst at night), so I was very happy to find out on Monday that baby girl is head down and we are 2 cm dilated.  Now sometimes 2cm is a little indication of impending labor, sometimes it means absolutely nothing at all, so I will get checked again on Monday to see if there has been any change.  All we need to do is put (back) together the bassinet and pack a hospital bag and then I will be ready to go whenever! 

                  Baby #2 at 36.5 weeks                                                        Avery at 37 weeks

Monday, October 21, 2013

SURPRISE Baby Shower!

So I know everyone says that they have the best friends ... but I realllllly have the best friends!  

On Thursday, I arrived at one of my new favorite restaurants - Alchemy - with some friends for a "girls' night" of dinner and drinks, but was greeted at the door with an envelope.  The card said ....

Aw!  A surprise baby shower for our baby girl!  Good thing I had time to shower that day (NOT!) I was blown away by how thoughtful they were to think of setting this up!  As you know, we are having our second girl, so I was just planning on using all of Avery's adorable old outfits for this one, but it was so exciting to open diapers, books and new outfits to throw into the mix! :) It was wonderful to be able to celebrate this new baby after all of the grand affairs Avery had when I was pregnant with her!  See baby girl, I promise you didn't just get only hand-me-downs!

Wish we could have gotten a better group shot ... our server clearly wasn't a trained professional!
My fabulous hostesses - Jenny, Ashley & Hillary!
 Is Alchemy a cool restaurant or what?!
 Centerpiece flowers - LOVE!  
 Party Favors - "Ready to Pop" ... in 24 days or less!