Wednesday, January 12, 2011

32 weeks

we missed last week, so here is the latest belly shot at 32 weeks ... getting closer! we decided to take today's picture in the baby room - "poetic princess" from behr is what we decided to put on the wall!

very excited for this week ... my first prenatal massage saturday morning, baby shower saturday night and 3d growth ultrasound on wednesday! baby has been moving a lot (she pushes her butt up frequently so you can see and feel it stick out from my i have nicknamed her Kendra!) (for those who don't know - Kendra is one of Hugh Hefner's ex girlfriends who loves to booty dance ... she also happens to be one of my favorite celebrities :))

it's starting to feel very real to nick & i that baby will be here in 8 short weeks ... nick is getting so excited ~ it makes me so happy to see him like that ~ he's going to be a great daddy! :)


  1. did you do the 3d ultra sound? just wondering.

  2. we go tomorrow morning! i'll put up pictures if they turn out! :)