Friday, September 9, 2011

Food for Thought!

Solid (really more like very very runny) foods have been going well! Avery has now tried 5 things! Here's how we are introducing things to her - we are following instructions to try the same food once a day for 3 days in a row before introducing a new food - that way if she has a reaction, we will know exactly what food is not agreeing with her!

#1 - RICE CEREAL (boxed: Gerber) - ate very well ... literally no flavor so it went down well
#2 - PEAS (homemade: frozen peas+breastmilk) - loved seeing her green face! ate pretty well!
#3 - SWEET POTATOES (homemade: baked sweet potatoes+breastmilk) - NOT a fan! most adorable disgusted faces, had to really force it down!
#4 - APPLESAUCE (packaged: Gerber) - LOVED this!
#5 - BANANAS (homemade: bananas only) - LOVED these! i used my magic bullet, but they puree so runny that i didn't need to add any milk this time. She got so hyper & excited eating these!

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