Saturday, November 5, 2011


Despite a last-minute costume change, Avery had a wonderful Halloween! She had a dress up Halloween music class with all of her friends at Kinder Music, and she went "trick or treating" (aka a chilly stroller ride) with her buddies! We also threw a trick or treat "party" - decking out our front yard and garage - passing out candy to the kiddos and spiked cider to the big kiddos. It was hard to count, but given the fact we went through 280 treat bags, 50 packs of crackers, 1.5 bags of reserve candy, 300 glow bracelets and other treats from my neighbor's pantry (we were desperate!) ... we are guessing we had at least 350 kids! Most people would find that annoying (and expensive!) but I loved every minute of it! I'm already looking forward to next Halloween when Avery can actually say "trick or treat" and get some goodies!

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