Thursday, February 20, 2014

Harper - 3 Months

Loving this girl more and more every day!  After an 8 week bout of colic (my heart starts racing just thinking about it - I'm still in shock we made it out alive!!) and a week and a half of a bad cough, I am ecstatic to announce that I am finally getting to know my baby!  Harper does not win the award for "greatest newborn", but I have to say that she is well on her to way to winning a "greatest 3 month old" prize!  I am in awe at what a different baby she has become!  She smiles all of the time, talks nonstop (unfortunately this runs in the family!) and is crazy active!  She started rolling over at 12 weeks (yikes, still not ready for a mobile one just yet!), holding her neck and head up like they are weightless, and has just found her voice so is entertaining us with her adorable voice constantly!  She nurses 4 times a day, sleeps approx. 10:30pm - 8:30am (have I mentioned I love this child?!), wears 3 month outfits and 6 month jammies.  We don't go to the doctor for another month but my guess is that she is at least 14 pounds!  We have already decided that she is going to be an athlete with how big and strong and active she continues to be!

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