Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pink or Blue?

We are still over a month away from finding out if our little one is a boy or girl, but being the planner that I am, I decided to check out all of the old wives tales and see what my symptoms are predicting me to have! I think it's a boy ... Nick is saying girl (just to go against me!), but only our 20 week ultrasound will tell us the truth and will prove the old wives tales below true or false!

Heart Rate test: Girl (supposedly a heart rate less than 140 means boy, more than 140 girl … baby has been a steady 153)

Cravings test: Boy (legend has it that if you crave sugar, you are having a girl and craving salt means a boy)

Morning Sickness test: Girl (they say lots of nausea & morning sickness lets you know it's a girl, feeling great with no nausea means boy)

Chinese Gender Chart: Boy (Legend states that the Chinese Gender Chart was buried in a royal tomb near Beijing over 700 years ago. It is said to be over 90% accurate. By cross referencing your age & month of conception on the chart, it points to either boy or girl).

Skin test: Girl (it has been said that carrying a girl can cause your skin to break out. This stems from an old wives' tale that your baby girl will "steal your beauty.")

Only time will tell! What do you think we're having????

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  1. Jess: I never had morning sickness, and I had two girls. Throw that one out. Both Katie and Kristen had heart beats 160 and over so that one was right on. Never heard of the other ones.
    My suggestion would be for you to wait and be surprised when the little one arrives.