Friday, September 17, 2010

Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh!

had my 15 week appointment with baby today and all is well! dr. shah is very impressed that my blood pressure has been low and she doesn't want to see me for a whole month now! i've come a long way from my weekly visits! our next appointment will be the BIG ONE - the boy or girl appointment, so hopefully this little one cooperates on october 18th because mommy & daddy are dying to know! got to see him/her on ultrasound again today - very wiggly and really starting to look like a baby! heartbeat was 141 which the tech said leans more towards a boy than a girl. i asked her if we could peek today, but we couldn't see or find anything... what's waiting just 1 month month! i also heard the heartbeat for the first time today and it was awesome! i'll never forget the "whoosh whoosh whoosh!" here is our latest ultrasound picture ... nick is worried that he/she has a big nose! haha! guess we'll wait and see! happy friday to all of you!

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