Monday, October 18, 2010

interesting day

it was an interesting day to say the least! today was our 20 week anatomy scan. we had lots of good news and a couple pieces of not-so-good news. the unexpected news is that we weren't able to see the sex of our baby! when we got to the "money shot", the umbilical cord was perfectly in the way. after attempting to get the baby to move, we did see the three lines, generally seen with girl babies, so the tech guessed girl. we didn't see any boy parts at all, but she said to hold off on decorating the nursery!

the good news...
* baby is perfectly healthy! we got to see close ups of the heart (even got to see the 4 tiny chambers!), bladder, arms, legs, head, toes, you name it. baby is about 11 ounces and is measuring in the 52 percentile for size. nick got to hear the heart beat for the first time which was 156 - the highest it's been.

the bad news...
* like usual my blood pressure was a bit higher today than my doctor likes to see (seems to only happen when i'm at the doctor!) so tomorrow i will have to complete another 24 urine analysis, followed by blood work wednesday morning. this means one more day off work for this girl. dr. shah is basically just checking if we need to up the dosage of my blood pressure medicine, which has been working great so far!
* the ultrasound tech also noticed that my placenta looked a little low. it's literally a tiny bit lower than they like to see so they will also start to monitor that as well. they did say it's pretty common at this stage in the game and that it usually moves up as my uterus grows and baby gets bigger. dr. shah is going to check it again in 3 weeks with another ultrasound that will also check for gender again. hopefully the umbilical cord will be nowhere in sight at that time!

so all in all, baby is happy and healthy and that is what matters most... and while we will not start to shop for pink just yet, we'll anxiously await 3 weeks to try this all again! :)

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