Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so this is what it feels like!

... avery slept for 7(.5!) hours straight last night! :) she had her last feeding of the night at 10pm and then we went right to bed at 10:30 (early for us). the first time i heard her stirring i noticed the sun was coming up! could it be? ... it was 6:00am! she has always been a pretty good night sleeper - waking up after about 4 hours (once she went 5 hours), but i could not have been happier to see 6am on my cell phone! then after a couple of dirty diapers and some jungle mat playtime, we went back to bed around 6:45 and did not wake up again until 9:30! so let's see ... a grand total of 10 1/4 hours of sleep for mommy! WIN! today we celebrate with a cute outfit (thanks Brandy!), photo shoot and lots of outside time! today is the last day it's supposed to be in the 60s until possibly next weekend - gotta enjoy it while it lasts!

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