Monday, January 13, 2014

Harper's Nursery

Today I wanted to share some photos of Harper's nursery.  Since we were reusing Avery's rocker, dresser/hutch & crib, we wanted to have a totally different look to the room, so Harper wouldn't totally be getting the shaft!  Every time I have a picture in my head of what I am looking for, I always find that the picture in my head never exists in real life, so while aimlessly searching on Etsy, I stumbled upon my most favorite fabric I have ever seen!  For once in my life, I found exactly what I had pictured!  Not what I pictured - spending $85 on 2 custom made crib sheets ... the 'deal getting' in me cringed, but I was in love - and that's what we do when we are in love right?!  Thank you to Buttercup Forrest on Etsy for my amazing sheets!  Her room is very small, so there is not much to it, but it is girly and fun and I loved using bold colors this time instead of the pastel pink!  Other favorites - the #2 bucket holding lots of fun hair bows, the Ikea mirror, which reminds me of the mirror in Snow White - "mirror mirror on the wall, Who's the cutest baby of them all?" and holding to tradition, framing the fortune cookie message I got when I was first pregnant with Harper, but didn't yet know it.  Funny that fortune cookies told me I was pregnant with both of my girls - more on that here.
Harper letters - Hobby Lobby + spray paint ... knockoff Anthropologie letters inspired by my favorite blogger Little Baby Garvin, who used them for her daughter's name, which just happens to be Harper too!
Garland - Glambanners
Crib Sheets - Buttercup Forrest
Crib Skirt - Amazon
Curtains - Target
Mirror - Ikea
Rocker - Walmart
Toss Pillow - TJ Maxx
Pouf - East Wind
Changing Pad Cover - sweetheart-n-sunshine
Crib & Changing Table/Hutch - JC Penney

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