Friday, May 16, 2014

6 months!

181 days.  26weeks. 6 months ... no matter how you say it Harper is a half of a year old!  
 She is such a sweetie pie - it's hard to think of the days when she had colic and couldn't stop screaming and crying.  She is developing such a fun personality and she is changing every day!  Month six is going to be a big one for her!  New this month - starting real food.  Last week she tried rice cereal once - and was not a fan, so today I gave her her first 'real food' - banana.  Again, she was not a fan (I swear Avery gobbled everything we put on her spoon!), but hopefully she will like it a little more each time I try.  She is also mastering "the worm" which I can only imagine within a couple of days is going to turn into a legit crawl.  {{Cue scrambling to baby proof + put a gate up on the staircase!}}  Next week brings her 6 month photo shoot with the fabulous Kelsey and 6 month check-up! 

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  1. Sooo cute! Kelsey did an amazing job with my niece too. Do you'll post the pics on the shutterfly, Jess?