Friday, November 14, 2014

Halloween Cuisine

I know, there is officially not one person left on this planet (or at least at this house!) that is still thinking about Halloween, but I wanted to get this up so I could pin these treats for next year!  If you don't follow me on Instagram (jjohn84 + glambanners) !!!  I had some fun with "Halloween Cuisine" last month.  Everything was kid friendly and nothing was hard to make! 

 "Poison Apple" Juice
 Mummy Sauce (who knew white streamers + googly eyes could go a long way!)
 Jack-o-Dilla (use a sharp knife to cut some creepy eyes + a mouth before you melt cheese.  I microwaved this one instead of using my quesadilla maker!
 Pancakes - i made some with black + orange sprinkles and also took a stab at the cookie cutter method!
 Spook-getti -- I added some purple food coloring to my boiling water (food color grosses me out so I didn't use enough to get a really dark noodle), meat sauce + green olives for the eyeballs.  Spooky, right?!
 Boo-Nanas. 1.  cut banana in half   2.  Add popsicle stick   3.   Freeze nanas     4.  Dip frozen bananas in melted white chocolate.  Mini chocolate chips work for eyes.  5. Eat right away or refreeze until you are ready!
Didn't think you could make a chicken sandwich festive?  Sure you can!  Just use a sharp knife to cut out your shape (pumpkins if you are using American Cheese or ghosts if you are using swiss/white cheese).  Pop in oven just for a minute or so until the cheese starts to melt.

Voila!  See, it doesn't take any more effort or time to make Halloween Cuisine for your kiddos!  A Halloween themed dinner every night the week of Halloween was very well received in our house this year, so we will be back at it again next year - stay tuned for Halloween Cuisine part 2 next October! :) 

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