Friday, February 18, 2011

5 Things!

Happy Friday! Since I am creeping closer to delivering this little baby, I wanted to make a "get excited" list of all of things i have been missing since July!

1. SLEEPING ON MY BACK - i realize that i will be missing out on the sleep i get right now, but i can not wait until i can stop sleeping on my side with a huge body pillow between my legs and a barrier in between nick & i!

2. MY CLOTHES - my wardrobe is getting quite limited, but i didn't think to put away all of my cute shirts and skirts that used to fit once upon a time. i know my body will definitely change after all of this, but can not wait to wear some of the things that have been taunting me all winter!

3. SUBWAY TURKEY SUBS - early on, i was told to avoid deli meat as it could be a cause of miscarriage. i have many friends who ate deli meat their entire pregnancy and they were fine, but i just decided to avoid it all together and have really been craving it lately! i think my first meal as a mom will be a 6" turkey sub on wheat! :)

4. VODKA LEMONADES - no explanation needed!

5. WEDDING RINGS - i had to retire my engagement and wedding bands about a month ago as they were starting to fit a little too snug to be comfortable. i have my "right hand ring" in its place, but my fingers are missing those sparkles and i can't wait to wear them again! :)

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