Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's a simple kind of life

so i had a very rough day emotionally yesterday ... plans to work from home to save maternity leave fell through at work and i of course took it very hard. today i woke up and decided i had to get in a better mood so i popped in season 1 of paris hilton & nicole richie's "simple life" and just wanted the whole thing. that show is hilarious and it felt so good to laugh for a few hours! i'm on day 3 of bed rest and for you who think it would be so nice to be on bed rest, it's not! i can't even drive my car, vaccuum, do laundry, nothing! i can lay on my couch or lay on my bed, but that's about it. foxxie and i were rebels and did go outside to check the mail today, but i don't even think i'm supposed to be doing that! tomorrow my mom is taking me for a non-stress test and my next appointment with Dr. Shah will be on Monday. I was always so anti-inducing but I think I am going to talk to Dr. Shah Monday about my options. Since I am officially on maternity leave, I really hope we can have baby next week! For every day I am at home alone, it's one day less to be with Baby once she comes and that is crushing me. If we can have her next week, I get 11 weeks with her which isn't bad ... but if it takes her the full 2 weeks til her due date, or even longer, I'm not going to handle that very well. Only time will tell!


  1. Hang in there! Thinking of you and the little one.

  2. From one Type A personality to another, I totally understand. Dr. Shah, I am sure, will have all of your options ready when she sees you on Monday.

  3. Enjoy boring bedrest while you can. I'm sure once the little one comes, you won't be having Simple Life marathons for the next 18+ years! :)Thinking of you.