Monday, February 21, 2011

Bed Rest :(

Today we got the news we have been hoping not to hear ... bed rest :(

Went to our 38 week check-up today and my blood pressure was the highest it's ever been - it started at 154 and got down to 150, so Dr. Shah sent us to Labor & Delivery to be monitored. As you know me, I took this really hard and got really upset. At Labor & Delivery I got hooked up to a monitor to check baby's heartbeat and contractions (which I was having and didn't even know it). My blood pressure was checked every 30 minutes and it did go down significantly. They did blood work and all came back normal. We were discharged about 2 1/2 hours later on a bed rest order. I will be collecting urine the next 24 hours and will now have to go in for a bi-weekly non-stress test. I am 2 cm dilated, but cervix is completely closed, so I don't want induction to even be an option right now.

I was hoping to work all the way up to my due date, but it looks like that dream is gone :( For everyday I sit at home, that is one less day I will get to be with my baby after she is born and that just kills me. While I was so scared today at the thought of having to deliver her, I am now hoping she comes on her own at the earliest possible moment because of my maternity leave situation. I am hoping to snag a laptop from work for at least a day or two this week to tie up loose ends and buy me a little more time after she is born, but we'll see!

We'll continue to update once we know more ... it looks like I will have a lot more time on my heads laying in bed...

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