Thursday, May 5, 2011

new job, new blog

made one big change in my life this week, might as well change my blog too! after weeks and weeks of going back and forth, i have decided to leave my full-time position at the grand geneva in order to pursue a part-time job which will allow me to stay at home during the day with avery.

it was not an easy decision by any means, but as soon as i held my baby in the hospital, my heart told me i could not leave her in 12 short weeks. my previous jobs at work were not what you call flexible - 9.5 hour work day + 1.5 hour commute = 11 hours a day that i would be away from avery - figure in her bedtime and i came up with the figure of a whoppin' ONE hour a day that i would get to be with her as her mom while she was awake. that figure shattered my heart and i would never forgive myself if i didn't at least make an attempt to do something about it.

as luck would have it, a part-time event sales/coordinator positioned landed in my lap. the pavilion at orchard ridge farms is a gorgeous special event facility in rockton (12 minutes from my driveway!) i have been hired on part-time (20-30 hours a week) and i will be booking the space for weddings, parties & special events as well as overseeing the events. check out the space here ~

my little family is taking a big risk (and an even bigger pay cut!) but we think it will be worth every penny, (or lack of!) to allow avery to spend each day of her baby-hood in the comfort of her own home. foxxie will also benefit from all of the extra attention and daily walks (which her 19.5 lb body needs!)

with my heart more full of love than i ever thought possible, i am excited and very optimistic for what is to come!

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