Thursday, May 26, 2011

oops! i did it again!

so daddy really misses avery when he's at work, so today we ventured up to lake geneva for a visit with daddy and mommy's old co-workers. leslie, nick's boss, was out sick when avery visited the first time so she was dying to meet her today. as soon as leslie comes in i instantly give avery to her. things were going great until i hear uh-oh. leslie moves avery away from her body and avery had pooped on her!! "it" (meaning the poo) had slid out the right side of her diaper, through her pants and onto leslie's shirt (a bright white shirt mind you!) i felt so terrible.... avery thought it was funny! :) thank the lord i had an extra diaper and sleeper in my diaper bag! and doubly thank the lord that leslie had an extra shirt in her office (what a prepared nick's boss is!) go figure ... avery won't have accidents in the courtesy of her own home, but at daddy's work...and on his boss...seems more fun for her!! by the time i made it down to the sales office, they had all already heard the story (i forgot just how quickly word gets around there!) cheers to seeing old work friends and hoping that nick still has his job when he gets home ;)

next on the agenda .... girls night at our house! can't wait to see some of my favorite ladies and a is excited to see her buddies cece & scarlett again! i'm sensing another photo shoot coming up - better charge the camera!

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