Monday, June 27, 2011

Avery, start your engine!

Avery had a great time at her first Indycar race this weekend at the Iowa Speedway. Mommy could have won the "Mother of the Year" award for how unprepared I was with the cold weather! Good thing our friends Matt & Crystal invited us to their indoor box so we could stay warm all night (and keep Avery's ears from ringing!) We got to see 2 year old Lily and meet baby boy Zander - there are so many girl babies around here that it was so nice to finally meet a little boy! We also got to spend some quality time with Uncle Shane who just a week ago moved to Newton. Avery had her first overnight away from home and although she did have a quick 3:45am wake-up, she did really great at the race, at Shane's and in the 3.5+ hour car ride each way! We ended the weekend at my cousin's Kristen's graduation party and Avery & mom slept like babies (literally!) on Sunday night!

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