Friday, June 24, 2011

new toys!

since the weather has been so beautiful this week (sense the sarcasm?!) mommy decided to put together some new fun toys for avery to play with. now that she is getting so strong and starting to really grab everything, i think she is about ready for some new toys! she has been enjoying her bumbo seat for a couple of weeks now, but thanks to amazon prime (free, 2 day shipping!) we received a tray for it this morning so now avery can have fun in her seat! mommy also is very proud that she put together her jumperoo (all by herself, i might add!). avery is still a tiny bit too short for it, but she loves it already even though she is not jumping yet!

next up: avery's first road trip & first night away from home. mommy & avery are headed out on an adventure to newton, iowa to see uncle shane & attend the indy car race with matt, crystal, lily & zander koch! avery is excited to meet her new friends lily & zander! :) lots of pictures & stories to come. enjoy your weekend!

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