Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy Week!

This has turned out to be quite a busy week for Avery! Her social calendar sure fills up quick these days! :)

MONDAY~ Avery's 4 Month Birthday! Mondays are Daddy-in-Charge days as Mommy usually goes into work. This week Daddy & Avery came to check out where Mommy spends all of her Mondays & Saturdays - The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms - Avery had her first golf cart experience and enjoyed her tour of the Pavilion and Copperstone Inn Bed & Breakfast. Avery also went to Dairy Haus with Karly & EA ... but no ice cream for her just yet!

TUESDAY~ Avery's 4 Month Check-Up. Avery decided to sleep in a bit (resulting the whole house to sleep in as Avery's talking has become Mommy's alarm clock), so we missed our appointment! Oops! Good thing they were able to fit us in a couple of hours later. Avery once again got a raving review from Dr. Martinez. Our growing girl surely is growing ~ 14 lbs 8 oz & 25 3/4 inches long! That's 75% in weight & 90% in height! Nick's thinking we should get her a volleyball already & start practicing! :) Just kidding ~ we will let her play whatever sport she wants ... as long as she picks cheerleading! Just kidding again ... kind of! :) Avery then spent some time with Mommy, Daddy and Grandma at the Ledges Pool.

WEDNESDAY~ Avery's 4 Month Pictures! Mommy's old high school friend Kelsey has recently started up a little photography business on the side (nurse by day, baby photographer by night!) so we went to her new studio (she created an adorable studio in the basement of her house!) While Avery wasn't flashing us those cute toothless smiles she has been getting so good at, she got a lot of really great pictures! I will put them up on Shutterfly once I receive them, but here they are for those of you with Facebook! Kelsey's sister makes adorable headbands and other cute accessories. Visit her Etsy shop to check her out!

THURSDAY~ Today we head to Ella's Grandma's pool for another pool day and some quality time with Ashlee, Ella & Gabe! Happy Thursday!

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