Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2nd Birthday: 1.0

We have had a very excited household this month because next week our favorite little girl is turning TWO!  We take birthdays pretty seriously in this house, so Avery is not getting 1, but 3 birthday celebrations!  Yesterday she celebrated with some of her best buddies at her birthday play date.  As always, the kids all had fun and got along really well - but do you think I snagged any pictures of the cuties?!  Mommy Fail!  Thank you Brielle, Kaden, Dominic, Max & Everly (and their mommies) for joining us and also to baby Nolan who visited us later on! 

Any kid's birthday party is not complete without party favors!  Since we had a mix of toddlers & newborn babies, we did 2 different bags.  

* Pair of socks (Target & Old Navy sell individual pairs for $1!)
* Teether (TIP:  buy a 3 pack and divvy them up! - found here)

* Fruit Snacks
* GoGo squeeZ apple sauce - Avery's favorite snack & pretty healthy too!
* Crayola Pick Your Pack crayons - my new favorite product!  Only found at Target, you can purchase 8 crayon packs for any party theme imaginable!  Since I was getting crayons for 2 boys and a girl, I decided on Pink Princess, Born to Rock & Dinosaur Roar, but how cool to get "Over the Rainbow" for a rainbow party or "Mermaid Shimmer" for an under the sea party.  Genius idea - only .99 a pack!

Simple, but fun party decorations.  Balloons & streamers hung from the ceiling!


Our spread!  Since we did a morning play date, I decided on Panera bagels, fresh strawberries & a yummy toddler snack mix that even the mommies enjoyed!

Thank you Pinterest for this adorably pink toddler snack mix!  You could whip this together a variety of ways, but I went with Cheerios, Strawberry frosted Shredded Wheat, yogurt covered raisins & strawberry yogurt drops (found in baby food aisle).  Original idea found here.

Birthday girl found a princess crown!

The only picture I got with Avery and one of her friends ... her newest friend Dominic!  I really think Avery is going to be a professional nanny when she grows up ... the chick is smitten with babies!

We will be back next week with birthday celebrations 2.0 & 3.0 (her actual birthday & family birthday party)! Can't wait!  

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