Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Birthday Morning

It's official ... a two year old lives at our house!  I know most people say that it goes by so fast, and it does, but being able to be at home with my precious 'baby' all day every day - makes me able to savor each and every moment a little bit more and for that, I am eternally grateful to my husband who allows me to do so.  We had such an exciting and action packed day, so I am going to split these posts up to avoid information/picture overload!  We started the morning with some festive door decorations which Avery absolutely loved!  She probably went up to her room at least 20 times today to say hi to the balloons and run through them laughing and screaming!  And the project was free - all it took were some streamers & balloons that I pulled from her party stash.  As always, thank you Pinterest for the idea!  Throw in some Texas toast french toast and you've got yourself a great birthday morning!

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