Sunday, July 21, 2013

Carnival 1st Birthday Party

Wow - I'm only 16 months late on this post, but I just realized all of my photos from Avery's first birthday were pinned and linked to our family's Shutterfly page instead!  So to reminisce about when I still had a little baby who couldn't walk or talk, here we go!
 Always put extra seating in the garage!
 Label your beverage tubs so people know where to look to find what they are looking for!
 The only picture we managed to take that day!!
 A's carnival party would not have been complete without a caricature artist!
 Ruffle birthday cake w/ glittered cake topper (courtesy of GlamBanners)
 Our awesome caricature - which is now framed and hanging in our family room!
 Present time! 
 Pennant banner made out of Avery's 52 week picture fabrics!
 Jazz up a wooden side table with a roll of tickets & tulle!
 Ruffle streamed tented every room
 The 'kids room' - circus tent, table & chairs all from Ikea
 Directional carnival sign - used an old floor lamp for my base! 
 Lots of ruffle streamers + lots of pennants!
 Our dining room mirror couldn't have fit our 52 weekly photos more perfectly!
 VERY bright cupcakes ... no tricks here, I used boxed mix & canned frosting + food coloring!
 "Concessions stand" - cotton candy, animal crackers, suckers, nachos, soft pretzels popcorn, cupcakes!
 Lollipop tree - paint a Styrofoam cone, stab in suckers & you are done!
 Found yet another spot to use A's weekly fabrics - as water bottle wrappers!

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  1. This is nice! The way you pulled it off, it looks like indoor carnival-theme parties could be as much fun as the outdoors, what with the colorful decors keeping the party vibe going. Thanks for sharing this with us, albeit the lateness of the post. Haha!

    Karl Robertson @ QLD Amusements