Saturday, July 13, 2013

Favorite Things Party

Happy Saturday!  My girlfriends and I celebrated Thursday night with a "Favorite Things" party ... I'm sure you have heard of them by now ... thanks Oprah for the idea! 

Since none of us are as rich as Oprah, we could not afford to give every person one of our favorite things ... but we could gift one person $10 worth of our favorite goodies!  Along with their favorite appetizer or drink to share, the ladies were instructed to bring a gift bag with $10 worth of their favorite items.  Could have been 1 - $10 item, or 20 - .50 items - completely up to them!  Think favorite lotion/lip gloss/beauty product, bottle of wine, snack/candy, craft or party supplies, accessory - the possibilities are endless! 

After we ate our faces off, we played a little game to decide who would get who's bag and it was a big hit!  Especially if you have a large group of ladies that do not all know each other very well.  Here's how to do it:

My bag was filled with the small things that make me the happiest in life:  a dozen Striped Paper Straws ($2 + shipping, Etsy), travel size Hempz Lotion ($5.28 + free shipping, Amazon Prime), Metallic Silver Sharpies ($2.50, Walmart), and a bar of Dove Dark Chocolate.
Banner: Kraft Scrapbook Paper + Cricut + Ribbon
Tags: Kraft Paper tags (Hobby Lobby) + Glitter card stock + super glue + twine
 15 goody bags with LOTS of favorite things!!

It was not only fun getting to know something silly or strange about each girl, I loved seeing what each girl interpreted what her favorite things were!

Some more pictures from the party.  It's me, so of course I had to throw up a few decorations.  But with picture frames, kraft wrapping paper and gift bags & mason jars laying around, I only had to cough up $4.99 for a bushel of baby's breath!  Not bad! :)
 Food/Drink Place Cards -HERE ... LOVE - free customizable printables with 22 color options!
 SOME of our spread!  My friends really have great taste in food! ;)  My contributions:
S'mores Cookies (my little recipe tweak: just buy a chocolate chip cookie mix from the store - no need to make your own dough from scratch - they taste ah-mazing even when you cheat!!)

Frank's Buffalo Chicken Dip - my all-time favorite!  There was not a bite leftover, so I'm guessing the girls liked it too! :)  I prefer to make mine in a pie/lg quiche plate, but I'm sure it tastes just as good in this bowl above!!


  1. I am still mad at you for posting that S'mores cookies recipe the last time! I seriously ate about 10 of those things and now you go and mention them AGAIN??? JEESH! There goes this week's diet attempt!
    Really cute party and I love the decorations. Did you get Nick to take Avery out for the night?

  2. Those s'mores cookies are to die for ... and I'm not even a cookie person! :) Luckily grandma & grandpa live less than 10 minutes away, so Nick and I get lots of social time in! :)