Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Meet Me at the Fair!

We just wrapped up a great couple of weeks of fair festivities!  Avery's favorite movie is "Meet Me in St. Louis" and even though she sings about fairs every day, she has never been to a fair before... so why not go to two in one week?! It was so fun to take her at an age that she actually enjoyed and appreciated them!  She loved the animals the best (cows & pigs, pink pigs only) and even got to go on her first carnival rides!  First stop was the Boone County Fair which was an itsy bitsy fair compared to the next weekend's Iowa State Fair!  We had a great weekend with Uncle Shane & Aunt Cat - plenty more animals, food booths & even some deep fried goodness!  I think I gained about 5 pounds from the 2 fairs I attended this month, so I'm happy to say "goodbye Fair season - see you next year!"


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