Friday, September 27, 2013

Pinned this, Made that: Halloween Chain

I love decorating for Halloween and try to incorporate a few new things each year into my collection.  This year I am trying to be good and not spend much on holiday decorations (too many bins of decorations + baby coming very soon = staying out of the Halloween aisles!!)

While snooping around on Pinterest, I came across this tutorial for a chain garland made out of foam insulation.  Easy enough!  So off to Home Depot I went and $4 and a couple of hours later, I had a Pinterest SUCCESS!

Here's my tutorial for how to make your own!

SUPPLIES... get a pen & paper, this is a long list! :)
* 6' piece of gray foam pipe insulation (available at Home Depot) 6' of pipe will get you approx 11' of chain.
* Scissors
 If this helps you find it, get the self adhesive pipe that fits 1" copper, 3/4" iron
 Cut foam into 3/8" - 1/2" rings (do not make thicker than 1/2") - just eyeball it, it goes fast!
 You will get approximately 140 rings out of a 6' pipe!  Not bad!
 Now is the fun part - peel off the sticky backing (mine was clear) on both sides of the ring and stick them together.  Then loop one ring through the other and repeat. (*Warning - this isn't super glue sticky foam - it does the job as long as the chain will not be pulled on or rough housed.  If you want it to last for years or need it more durable, I would recommend reinforcing each link with hot glue.**)
 UPDATE 9/27 ... Most of my rings have come unattached (go figure!) so make sure when you are making this, you reinforce with glue dots or hot glue!!)
 It's a tedious job, but it goes much faster while watching Hocus Pocus and drinking a cup of apple cider! :)
 Voila!  A spooky Halloween chain!  I bought 2 pieces of foam pipe insulation (big spender at $4 total!) and it got be 22 FEET of chain ... that evens out to a whopping 8 cents a foot!
 I sort of decided to make this without having anywhere to put them, so they have officially landed a place on my kitchen curtain rods.  Spoooooooooky, right?!

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  1. PERFECT! Thank you for the breakdown and the pricing. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for to help "scare up" my yard at Halloween with a "fence" :)