Saturday, March 15, 2014

DIY: Pot of Gold Candy Cups

I don't typically decorate or make a big fuss about St. Patrick's Day, but since I'm 25% Irish, I have to celebrate just a little bit.  Two years ago I said good-bye to my beloved Bupa on St. Patrick's Day, so last year I went a little overboard on trying to make it a fun filled day with plenty of green food, Lucky charms & Avery & I's first shamrock shakes.

This year we got an early start on St. Patrick's Day this year and decided to get a little crafty using this image as my 'pinspiration'. 
 Here's what you need:
* Mini clay pots (available in a 3 pack from the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it - a dollar)
* Chalkboard paint (available at Michaels for $1.20)
* Foam brush
* Piece of chalk
* Individually wrapped rolos

I feel silly even typing instructions as it's the easiest project!  Step 1 - paint the pots (I did 2 coats and the paint dried in minutes)  Step 2 - Doodle a name or picture on the pot w/ chalk (fun fact- use a knife to give your chalk more of a pencil tip - so much easier to write with!) Step 3 - fill with treats (I used Rolos for the toddlers and Fruit Loops for the babies).

Such a cute (not to mention inexpensive) treat to make for your favorite little leprechauns!  I also want to thank Pinterest for this rainbow fruit loop craft as well! It was totally Avery's speed and she loved that we could eat the left overs! :)

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