Friday, March 28, 2014

God Bless Harper

Since Uncle Shane & Aunt Cat were in town last weekend for Cat's bridal shower, we decided we might as well get Harper baptized while they were home.  It was a busy weekend hosting 2 parties at my house back to back, but so worth it - it was so nice to be with family all weekend!  We had Harper baptized at the same church as Avery and in the same baptism gown.  Before Avery was baptized, I thought it would be sweet to find a gown that was gender neutral enough that no matter how many kids we had and no matter what their sexes were, that they could all wear the same gown.  In my perfect dream world, their kids would wear it, and their kids, and their kids......  a mama can dream right?!  So after a long hunt, I stumbled upon this one from Gymboree and fell in love!  Harper of course was perfect during the ceremony and Avery stole the show asking "Is Harper going swimming" right in the middle of it!  I didn't go as all out as I did for Avery's baptism, but still had a nice afternoon with our favorite pasta (I tripled the recipe!), salad, 2 huge bottles of reisling and some yummy cupcakes!



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