Thursday, April 17, 2014

4 + 5 months

So our little doodle is FIVE months old now ... practically 1/2 a year old!  My mom brought it to my attention that I never posted her 4 month photo, so here is a double dose of cute for you!

* sleeping {like a baby} in her crib!  I never thought we would see the day!  It took her a verrrrry long time to adjust to her crib & her room, but now she is in her crib for 2 naps/day (approx 10am + 2pm) and bedtime (approx 7:30/8pm - 7:30am).  Harper + crib = new bffs and mommy & daddy are ecstatic about it!  Also, turns out our girlie is a belly sleeper, no wonder why she kept trying to flip over in her swing!
* eating - still mommy's milk only - 4 times/day, about 4 hours apart.  I do give her a bottle {of breast milk} for her bedtime feeding just to make sure she is getting enough to fill up her belly, and then I pump before bed for the next night's bottle.
* playing - plays on her belly, turns over immediately if she is on her back.  Still loves her activity gym, tray toys, Marina the Mermaid and basically any toy you put in front of her!
* wearing - 6 month clothes + pjs and size 2 diapers.  It looks like Mother Nature is finally allowing spring to show up this weekend and continuing into next week, where it's looking like 60s & 70s, so I'm so excited to break out our warmer weather wardrobe.  All of Avery's 'hand-me-downs' are 6 month outfits, so we are racing the clock to stuff Harper into as many of them as possible before she jumps up another size! 

Still waiting on those bottom teeth ... two months of teething & nothin'!

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