Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter wrap up

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends.  It was a busy, but wonderful weekend for us as Avery & Harper were able to see all 6 of their grandparents, both of their great-grandmas and countless great aunts, uncles & cousins.  I'm not sure when Easter turned into Christmas, but the girls received multiple baskets, gifts & more candy than Willy Wonka could produce in a day! :)  And our IL was so heavenly that Avery got in not one, but two personal outdoor Easter egg hunts.  Next year Harper will get to join in the fun of the hunt so Avery won't have to do it by herself!  This post will be pretty picture heavy, but the girls and their adorable dresses were too cute not to share!  Both of Avery's dresses are from Old Navy, Harper's pink dress from baby Gap & headband from Dana's Bitty Bows.

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