Monday, September 15, 2014

9 + 10 months!

10 Months!  Our baby girl is becoming less and less of a baby every day, and while it makes me sad, it is equally as exciting to see her personality develop!  She's still a great sleeper (7:30pm-7:30/8am + two 90-120 minute naps a day), an even better eater (this chick may be small, but don't let that fool you!)  and she is just getting so stinkin' fun!  Loves to explore around the house (the dogs' water bowl is her favorite), take baths (lots of splashing) and her new favorite trick - waving!  We've officially hit fall in Illinois, so as it gets colder outside, reality is setting in that it's almost time for Harper to turn 1!  Let the party planning begin!

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