Friday, September 5, 2014

Preschool, here she comes!

It's still a hard pill to swallow, but Miss Avery just started preschool this week!  The whole "3 year old preschool" thing is a new one to me.  I have an August birthday, so I had 1 year of preschool and then went right to kindergarten, but apparently all non-August birthday kiddos in this town actually start preschool when they are 3, so here we are! :)  Any of you that know Avery, she is not quick to warm up and is quite shy until she really gets to know you.  I was very anxious to send her to school and so nervous that she would sit by herself sad the whole time.  But, also in true Avery fashion, she surprised us!  When all of the mommies ran in to get their kids, they were greeted with hugs and happiness. This mom was greeted with "I don't want to go home. Why are you here?"  Happy to see you to, A!   UPDATE- I'm happy to report that when I picked her up after the second day of school, she got up to greet me and even reached for my hand to hold.  She was even happier when she left this day and was laughing about all of the fun things she did!

A little preschool present - Elsa shoes + "The Night Before Preschool", which she has now requested at bedtime 4 nights in a row!

A little first day of school treat for her teachers Ms. Amy + Ms. Mandy

If you give a teacher a cookie...

A's backpack ... I die.  Bag from J.Crew

 First school picture .... tear!

PreK photo prop by Glambanners

So proud of my shy girl for being so excited for school!  No tears, no fears from A!

 This was the best I could get :)
 Her teachers are so awesome that they put up daily photos on Facebook!

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