Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Friday!

I feel like such a slacker for the lack of posts this week.  I'm organizing our neighborhood's garage sale coming up in two weeks, and although I've been keeping busy (passing out flyers, recording emails of participating houses and items, and pricing all of my own stuff) - there is nothing exciting to write to you about just yet!  I PROMISE I am planning a big garage sale post with all of the fun details - how to organize a neighborhood sale, how to price and organize your sale, but that won't be coming for a couple weeks! 

This weekend's agenda is surrounded by family - tonight we are celebrating Greek Easter with Nick's mom & step dad and tomorrow night we are going out to eat for my grandma's 88th birthday... and here I am freaking out that I am almost 29! :)  Hope everyone has a great weekend and I promise I will be back next week with some goodies! :)

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