Thursday, December 4, 2014

Let's Talk Rugs!

Now that I am almost back up to date with my posts, I wanted to give a shout out before the mass amount of holiday posts roll in.  Today - we are giving 2 tinsel-covered thumbs up to Rug Pad Corner!

A couple of years ago, my mom gave me some fabulous West Elm rugs for Christmas {which by the way are all 30% off until Sunday!}.  My mom also got me the recommended rug pads, and since I had no experience buying rugs, I had never even heard the word "rug pad" before.  Fast forward two years, two kids, 2 dogs later - the rug pads were so worn, so dirty, stuck to the floor and well, so useless!  I tried a couple of weeks without rug pads, but apparently my kitchen floor is very slippery, so stepping on our rug was like stepping on ice!
I am so impressed by Rug Pad Corner's pads.  First of all, they are THICK - probably 4 times thicker than my original ones   They do not stick to the floor, but stay in place.  Magic, I assume?! They are all natural, chemical free, and American made {always a plus in my book!} If you are in the market for rug pads {long lasting, durable ones at that!}, make sure to use REVIEW15 for 15% off every order! And at a time where a penny saved is appreciated, shipping is always free too!  The best part - their pads are guaranteed for 15-20 years, so you know what that means - not only are they 15% off with free shipping, you basically will never need to purchase rug pads again!
Post sponsored by Rug Pad Corner, but all opinions are my own! :)

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