Friday, December 20, 2013

A new tradition

At Christmastime, I didn't think I could possible pack in any more traditions than we already do/have.  Tradition is my middle name at Christmas and I absolutely love it!  What I love even more is watching Avery fall in love with Christmas - she marvels at each Christmas tree in the house, is constantly requesting to watch Christmas movies and eats 2 bites of dinner when she says "I'm full, can I have my chocolate bag?" (advent calendar).  But we were at Target in the Christmas aisle (where else?!) and I saw a gingerbread house kit that was not only on sale, but on double sale thanks to a Target Cartwheel offer, I couldn't help but ask Avery if she wanted to make one.  Her eyes lit up and with a huge smile on her face she said YES!  Decorating gingerbread houses was never something my mom and I did, but my aunt and cousin do it every year as one of their Christmas traditions.  Avery had so much fun decorating and loves to show off the house to each visitor we get.  Success!  This will definitely be added to our list of Christmas traditions! 


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