Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Countdown

....... and it's December!  Seriously, this year went QUICK!  I know I say that every year, but it really, really did!  Avery has caught the Christmas spirit fever this year so we have started a few traditions for her to get her even more excited for December 24/25 and the arrival of Santa!

1.  Advent 'calendar' - I attempted to string these bags somewhere in our house, but couldn't find a wall long enough so I just decided to dump them in a bowl - not as pretty, but still does the trick!  Avery will open a bag of candy goodies each night after dinner to count down the days!

2.  Christmas books - After the candy is eaten, she will get to open a book (a good mix of new and old) to take up with her upstairs and read at bedtime.  So glad my mom kept all of our Christmas books from when my brother and I were little - lots of classics in there! 

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