Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Shaker Eggs:

Our house is currently preparing for next week's big Easter egg hunt with Avery and her friends.  I can't wait to see the toddlers running around collecting their eggs, but there will also be a few babies here who are too little to join in the fun.  So what can you give an infant at an Easter egg hunt? .... An Easter Egg shaker!  

Supplies:  Plastic Easter eggs / Super Glue / 'Rattle' food of choice (I went with some Orzo that I had in the pantry, but you could also use rice, popcorn kernels, split peas, etc!)
Total Cost:  $0 - as you probably have it all on hand!

 Step One:  Fill shorter part of egg 1/2 full with your orzo/rice 
(test your shaker before you glue it to make sure there is enough 'juice' in there for you!

 Step Two:  Carefully apply super glue around the rim of your egg (easy to follow right in the groove).

 Step Three:  Close egg shut and let sit until dry.

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