Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pink Ombre + Gold Glitter + Button Party!

That's a legit theme for a 2nd birthday party right?! Since my child is obsessed with buttons, I decided that would be the perfect decoration for her family party this year.  She also loves pink, so I decided to add in the ombre and gold glitter part ... I just love the look of it - so girly & fun!  Last year I went a little crazy (over $700 crazy!) on Avery's 1st birthday, so I promised the hubby I would tackle this year's party on a budget!!  I knew I needed to feed and have drinks for 22 guests, so I took my $20 decorations budget and ran with it!  Here is what I came up with:

$1 Streamers go a long way!

Don't like those cheap plastic tablecloths?  Me neither!  Use wrapping paper and streamers instead!

Button mobiles for chandeliers - all you need is scrapbook paper (I used my Cricut to get perfectly round circles) & a needle and thread!

Paper plates + round white labels = the perfect button!  
Add a hole punch & some ribbon into the mix to create a button garland!

I decided to kick my button garland up a notch by adding a curtain of streamers over the windows.  Again, amazing what a few streamers & some tape can do to dress up a room!

TWO button door hanger.  Cut your number out of cardboard (I used an Ikea box).  
Spray paint number and once dry, hot glue your choice of buttons! 

 I love my pink ombre + gold glitter vases!  I used modge podge & Martha Stewart glitter (my favorite craft product I own!) for the bottom of the vases and then just taped streamers right above.  And although the gold glitter is there to stay, the streamers can be easily removed.


  Printable Art from on to baby.

Banner made from scrapbook paper (found at Michaels) & my Cricut.

 Gold glitter vase made from modge podge & gold glitter. "2" decoration made from gold glitter paper cut with Cricut, striped straw (attached with hot glue), gold fringe & large zig zag pot from Container Store.

We did not get the food out until last minute so I not get any pictures, 
but here is what we served for lunch:
* Beefaroo Roast Beef Sandwiches (for those not from Northern Illinois, Beefaroo is a fast casual restaurant chain in our area that serves a mad roast beef sandwich!)
* Pasta Salad - my dad makes a great one!
* Fresh Fruit (strawberries/blueberries/grapes)
* Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chips (again, heaven in a bag made right here in Rockford!)

We decided to keep it simple with our desserts and had white & marble cupcakes w/ white chocolate buttons and pink ombre button sugar cookies.  Baked goods from By the Dozen Bakery.

I used this button candy mold from, white chocolate & pink food coloring to make the buttons.  (Free!) printable food name cards from one of my favorites - on to baby!


Cake topper made with gold glitter scrapbook paper & my trusty Cricut!
When we host parties, we always try to offer beer, wine, soda & a signature drink - thankfully there were plenty of pink drinks to pick from, so we went with strawberry lemonade vodkas!  Urn Drink Dispenser from Pier 1.

And last, but certainly not least - the birthday girl!! 
These past two years have truly been the very best years of our lives and we are 
so excited to see what this next year has in store for our favorite little lady!
Metallic gold sweater from Target, ruffle dress from Little Bo-Tique.

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