Thursday, April 4, 2013

Avery & the Eggs

I've been known to change song lyrics to my own words from time to time .... change "Benny and the Jets" to "Avery and the Eggs" ... fun right?!  It's safe to safe that this chick loves Easter eggs!  She was a bigger fan of playing with the plastic ones vs. eating the real ones, but regardless - she had plenty of fun last week with the eggs!  She had an egg hunt with her friends, egg hunt at Grandma's, colored Easter eggs (plastic & real) and and one last hunt on Easter.

She was so excited when I said we were going to color Easter eggs that when I went out in the family room, she had gotten out her crayons and colored the plastic ones before we had a chance to color the real ones!

This week already she has mentioned the Easter bunny 3 times, so it's safe to say the girl officially loves holidays like her mama .... and that only makes me even more excited for the next one!  Don't get me wrong - I am DYING for warm weather .... but I would be lying if I said I wasn't already excited for Christmas! 

For our hard boiled Easter eggs, we jumped on the bake-in-the-oven wagon and they turned out perfect!  Place the eggs in a muffin tray, preheat to 325 degrees, pop in for 30 minutes and then let sit in a cold ice water bath for 10 minutes. 
For our coloring, we used the Kool-Aid method.  I thought of this all by myself found this on Pinterest, but was so quick to just buy it, I didn't actually read the tutorial until we were ready to start ... FAIL! We started with six colors. If I would have read the tutorial before I bought the Kool-Aid, I would have known that grape would turn your eggs the ugliest color of gray unless you added 1/2 a packet of blue to it. ,,,And then there were five colors.  If I would have read the tutorial before I bought the Kool-Aid, I would have know that lemonade on it's own is basically colorless on the eggs and that you should add 1/2 a packet of orange to actually give it some color.  ...And then there were four colors. The pink lemonade hardly had any color either, so I decided to dump the yellow lemonade into the pink lemonade trying to make an orange, but that didn't produce a very pretty or vibrant color either. ...And then there were three colors.  I will say our green, blue and red eggs turned out SO pretty - much more vibrant than with the ol' trusty Easter egg kits, but I wish we could have gotten all of the different colors that I saw in the tutorial.  Lesson learned:  READ instructions before you buy your supplies. 

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