Friday, April 5, 2013

Target: Easter Clearance

So this morning I decided it was a good day for a Target run (is there ever NOT a good day to go to Target?!)  Avery even gets excited to go to Target (although it's the ONLY store where she refuses to sit in the cart ... must be all of the eye candy!).  I didn't really have anything particular to buy - had an exchange and a return - so we just decided to do what we do best ... wander around aimlessly and fill up our cart!  I typically am a 'buy a trunk full of Christmas decorations the day after Christmas' kinda girl, so what a fun surprise to see that our Target had a bunch of Easter stuff left.... all at 70% off!  How can a girl resist 70% off?  
 Here's what we got:

* Yarn Wreath .... I was swooning over this a month or two ago, but decided it wasn't worth $12 .... but since it is now magically $3.60, how could I resist?!  And plus, there was only 1 left - it's like it was fate!
* Egg Dyeing Kits .... After our sad excuse for colored eggs this year, I'm sticking with the good ol' dummy proof kits for next year!  3 kits cost us $2.10 ... down from $7.00 .... I think of it as 'buy 1, get 2 free!'
* Goodies for Avery .... my mom taught me that it's never too early to start picking up little gifts, so next year's Easter basket will find a cute divided plate (we love those things!) and a pastel colored slinky ... nice little $1.19 addition! 
* Plastic Eggs .... since Avery colored all over her plastic eggs this year, I decided to dump those and start from scratch.  I also grabbed a bunch of those small eggs - you know the ones that only can hold literally 1 piece of candy - to make a cute garland I stumbled upon on Pinterest today.  6 packs of eggs for $1.80 .... I might actually go back and grab more small ones and make .... well more garlands! :) 
* Plastic Cups .... since we decided the kids Egg Hunt was such a success this year, it will (of course!) now be an annual event.  We scored 16 adorable paper cups for .60 .... never to early to start party planning!

TOTAL DAMAGE:  $9.29 + tax 

Throw in a $3 big ass ball and I'd call this trip a success! :)  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend... and let me know if you check out the Target Easter aisle!

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  1. Porter has the $3 Big Ass Ball in Orange. She loves it!