Friday, April 26, 2013

Beach Babe 2013!

While this mama might not be quite ready for swimsuit season yet, Avery is more than ready!  I'm just swooning over her new swimsuits!  Avery gets a lot of pool action in the summer, so it's totally appropriate for her to have a swimsuit for each day of the week, right?!  Right now she has 4 new ones and 2 from last year that just might still fit.  And who am I kidding, I will probably pick up a couple more - my favorite stores for her (Gap & Old Navy) keep coming out with new ones and I just can't help myself!  Last year I swear this chick had 8 swimsuits - I'll try and tone it down a bit this year! :)

One piece or two piece?  I know a lot of people have 'issues' with 2 pieces on little girls, so I did start picking up more one pieces this year... HOWEVER, I now have a potty trained toddler and have read that wet one pieces can be nightmares to get on and off to go potty, so I am picking up 2 pieces from here on out! 

Here's what my beach babe will be sporting this summer!

Pink 1-piece: Gap
Pink 2-piece: Gap
Purple 1-piece: Gymboree
Purple 2-piece: Old Navy
**Looks like all 3 stores' websites are having sales right now on swimwear, so now is a good time to buy!  If only our swimsuits could be $12-$25 too! :)

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