Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring House Updates

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Things have been really slow/boring around here - we either need a) nice weather or b) holidays or c) holidays ... and the past couple of weeks we have had none of the above!  The good news is today is going to be 66, so Avery and I will be enjoying our first picnic lunch of 2013 (something we did every day last summer) and a nice walk this afternoon. 

Did anyone else get any money back from their tax return?  We fortunately got a decent chunk of change back this year, so while we paid off credit cards, purchased new spring/summer wardrobes and a couple of other odds and ends, we are planning a few upgrades to the house as well! Here's our list:

KITCHEN:  Stain cabinets.  The stain, poly & new hardware is already in my possession - we just need to find the time to tackle this big project.  With drying time, this project could take us 2-3 weeks, so the challenge is that we need to find a window where we don't mind that our kitchen is torn apart and that we have no one coming over!  I have already stained our fireplace mantle and all bathroom vanities, so the kitchen is the last piece of the puzzle.  If you are planning to tackle this ever-so-popular Pinterest DIY, check out Monica Wants It's tutorial!  After we get the cabinets down, we will be adding floor to ceiling curtains on the windows and sliding door and a large area rug under the table.  New appliances (FINALLY!) will be coming later this year!

MASTER BATHROOM:  Our master bathroom was the wrong color from the start, so we will be painting it more neutral.  Throw in a new shower curtain, new faucets, rugs, accessories and a frame for the bathroom mirror - oh, I just can't wait!  I am trying to find all of the pieces for this little transformation and will report back as soon as it's done!  Hopefully next month!

NEW DOORS:  We happened to purchase a 10 year old house with the cheapest, thinnest, poorest quality doors ... and enough is enough! :)  When we redid our basement last summer, they replaced our family room/basement door for us to a beautiful, solid core, oak 6 panel door, so little by little, we will replace the rest of the doors in the house.  First up:  1/2 bathroom, kitchen pantry, master bedroom & Avery's bedroom!  
NEW FURNITURE:  When we purchased our house, we decided we would get more use out of a loveseat and chairs out on our patio, but now that we have a family (and do lots of entertaining), we decided it was time to grow up and get a patio table and chairs.  We are still on the hunt for a set, but it's officially grilling season, so we better speed it up!  We also replaced our family room ottoman (poor thing had gotten destroyed!) and added a slipper chair to our master bedroom. 

Once I take new pictures, I will add a house tour on here.  We haven't done anything crazy to our house, but I love a good before and after picture!

Wow, this list just shows me how much I still have left to buy to get all of this stuff done and ready for summer!  Guess I know what I will be doing all week! :)  What's on your project list this spring??

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