Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big Girl Roomspiration

Since our beautiful daughter has transformed from baby to toddler, she should have a bedroom that reflects the older, more mature and sophisticated girl that she is becoming. ;)  Although Avery is still sleeping in her crib and has made absolutely no attempts to escape, being the plans-too-far-ahead planner I am, I have already SGPed (searched,googled,pinned - just made that up) a mood board and shopping list for her updated room.

If you don't know Avery, she is extremmmmmmmely girly.  Wasn't forced on her by any means, but the chick has to pick out her own clothes every morning (usually a dress), helps mommy put on her make-up and has to be dripping in hair bows and jewelry at all times, poor grandma never leaves with any of her jewelry on - Avery makes her take it all off to wear herself. I want her new room to of course be appropriate for a 2 year old, but give her something girly and feminine that she can really grow into.

Like that song says, it started with a whisper bedspread. I am absolutely in love with the Waterfall Ruffle Duvet from Urban Outfitters, but my favorite color - Neopolitan - is sadly no longer available on their website.  So what do you always do when a product you like goes out of stock, give up check Ebay!  

Thankfully, there was ONE for sale on Ebay - gently used, but in like new condition.  I rarely, if ever, buy used anything, but since Avery will never sleep touching the duvet itself and the pillow shams will be used solely for decoration, I decided to go for it!  It's so perfectly girly, but could work for a 2 year old like her, or a 28 year old like me! I stalked the listing for 5 days and eventually won the duvet & 2 pink ruffle shams for a whopping $67 plus shipping ... much better than the $228 it would have cost me from Urban Outfitters for a 2nd choice color.  

I still have a lot of shopping and crafting to do (painting an old oak dresser white), but I will invite you all to the (virtual) unveiling come June!  For now, check out my mood board below.  BTW, if you are questioning the b&w Judy Garland poster, it's Esther & Tootie from Meet Me in St. Louis ... Avery's favorite movie/thing on the planet! If you haven't seen it, you have to check it out!

Bowl/Mirror/Picture Frame/Teapot/Chair - Ikea - here, here, here, here & here
Flower Dresser Knob - Anthropologie
Pillow - Target
Meet Me in St. Louis Poster - All Posters
Pink Vintage Phone - Good Old Days Store

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